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StarLit Readers is a new series targeting lower secondary school students. The series is also recommended for other readers looking for hilarious modern stories told in a powerful and highly refreshing fashion. The readers in this series will certainly keep you turning the pages.
The Man in Green Dungarees
StarLit - Green dungarees “How may I help you?” a man in blue overalls asked from behind the gate. “Maybe he wants a job. Move back!” the guard said impatiently. “Can’t you read the sign?” “I don’t want a job. I have one already,” John Benjamin said gruffly, grabbing the lifeline that the man had offered him. “I have a business idea that might interest you.” The man’s curiosity was at once aroused. “You have three minutes,” he said authoritatively.
John Benjamin is a man on a fast lane to self-destruction. His life takes an about-turn when he befriends and takes home a stray dog. The Man in Green Dungarees is a story of resilience, alcoholism and how society defines success. John Benjamin sees opportunities for success where others would have looked away. Read more…

Reversed Agenda

StarLit - Reversed agenda “Look here, darling. This is a matter of life and job for me.” “It’s a matter of life and money for me,” cut in Nyembezi. “Just listen to me first,” said Khumbilo, lowering his voice. “Do you know that what you’re doing can cost me my job?” “Doing otherwise will cost you your life,” she said.
When Khumbilo takes up an assignment to scout for a cover model, he is excited at the opportunities it presents him with. He soon gets to learn there is a very thin line between professional and personal life. Read more…


One More Chance

StarLit - One more chance Sheria managed to get Chozi into her office and slammed the door shut while Asha struggled to control the mass of reporters swarming outside. “What are you trying to do? Sabotage your career?” Sheria was furious. Chozi, who by now had been subdued, walked to her chair and sat down. She was breathing heavily and a thin film of sweat covered her skin. “I’m just trying to champion our cause,” she replied, tiredly.
A high-flying lawyer and a school girl, who ordinarily might never have met’ are brought together by circumstances. They must depend on each other as each one of them seeks another chance in life. Read more…




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